Collective Nouns for American Sub-Cultures (and Sub-sub-cultures)


I get twenty free minutes in a coffee shop and this is what I come up with. Collective nouns for animals are quite entertaining so pondered some for America’s sub-cultures.  I I apologize for any feelings I may hurt.  Some good, some bad.  At any rate, just celebrating America’s sub-cultural diversity.

  • a ‘Stache of Hipsters
  • a Forty of Wiggers
  • a Void of Goths
  • a Drive-by of Gangsters
  • a Blot of Skinheads
  • a Huddle of Jocks
  • a Patch of Punks
  • a Clutch of Gearheads
  • a Lock of Hippies
  • a Squat of Gutterpunks
  • a Cache of Hackers
  • a Dose of Deadheads
  • a Gob of Greasers
  • a Jug of Hillbillies
  • a Huddle of Jocks
  • a Percent of Bikers
  • a Tissue of Emos
  • a Fixie of Scenesters
  • a Goggle of Steampunks
  • a Chortle of Nerds
  • a Gig of Geeks
  • a Trustfund of Preppies
  • a Nookie of Ravers
  • a Brocade of Rococo Punks
  • a Banishment of Larpers
  • a Pomp of Teddyboys
  • a Bushing of Skaters
  • a Thumb of Hobos
  • a Resentment of Athiests (not really a sub-culture)
  • a Shitkicker of Rednecks
  • a Clap of Hookers

And last but not least, my wife’s addition.

  • a Stank of Skanks

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