Five reasons people hate Nietzsche

  1. Overused, over-quoted, over-sung aphorisms to no fault of his own
  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (countless pop songs and tattoos on wiggers)
  • When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.  (This is from a pithy aphorism from Beyond Good and Evil that is always chopped in half for some stupid reason.)
  • One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.  (taken out of Zarathustra and out of context)
  • There are many more, but you get the point

2.  In his body of work he criticizes everyone, even his heroes and inspirations, and most of all himself.      When a writer offends a reader, the reader tends to stop reading.  (There’s a mock-Nietzsche quote for you!)  There are all walks of life that either hate/love him for this, e.g. feminists, philosophers, theologians, grad students, whoever.

3.  All-too-many non-scholarly types are attracted to his easy-to-read entries, especially his    aphorisms which are found in many of his books (this attraction was a fatal flaw that Nietzsche himself recognized).  Thusly, you get a handful of pop hip-hop songs and prison tattoos with his basic Darwinian observation, see first quote above.  This trendiness invokes ire from scholarly folk who tend to disregard him without thoroughly reading a significant amount of his work.

4.  He shut the door on an age of philosophy, and born from his death we get the all-too-confusing postmodernist philosophers some of whom considered themselves Nietzscheans.  This leads to some ambivalent feelings for followers of postmodernist thought;  they are stuck with the conundrum – “Who did this asshole think he was?  Oh, but my favorite postmodernist thinkers loved him and I can’t even stomach reading his rot.”  Thus spoke the self-idolizing smart people.

5.  Most importantly, no philosopher has ever been so totally misrepresented and misunderstood by so many assholes.  For example:  Nazis and other anti-Semitic shitheads (Nietzsche disowned his own sister and denounced Wagner for this), nihilist twits (Nietzsche was against nihilism), male chauvinists, grad student sophists, hateful atheists, rock stars and drug dealers, the list goes on.

My advice to anyone who gives a damn about learning from Nietzsche is that one must dig a little deeper about who this man really was and what he was really trying to do, read any of Walter Kaufmann’s commentary about the man.  And if you despise him, that’s fine, just know your enemy if you consider him such.

Nietzsche was, like all humans, a walking dichotomy full of severe maturity and childishness, drastically immoral and moral understanding, highly calculating yet sometimes whimsical observations.  One of his ultimate struggles was his quest for Truth, and through this he managed to leave behind a legacy for the thinkers of our new age.

I apologize for my lack of citations, I try to keep my blogs simple.  If anyone would like me to reference anything, just ask!

Also, wintertime’s acoming, and I’ll go back to exploring the enigmatic Thus spoke Zarathustra.


6 thoughts on “Five reasons people hate Nietzsche

  1. I hated the guy until I read him! Maybe it’s just me, but in some of his stuff there seems to be an unexpected playfulness.

    • Yes maybe as a comedy of frustrations, for someone with an ideology grounded in reality… it may not result in thoroughly negative thought processes. In that same thought, I also would suggest strongly ideologically grounded leftest to study mussolini. You must understand the damaging places such ideologies lead to properly attack it’s weaknesses. In that same respect I’d recommend ardent anti-ethnocentrists to read main kampf…. However I would certainly not ‘introduce’ such potentially mind-warping material out-of-context to impressionable students as first read material. I’d feel guilty if anyone actually absorbed the message, thats where I’d place Nietzsche.

  2. Have you read Nietzsche. really? This rant is obscenely sophomoric. It leads me to believe that you haven’t even read anything by Nietzsche, only a fragment or two by Nietzsche-haters. Just the reference that Nietzsche was a nihilist, utterly nonsense. POS POS, what the hell is that, point of sale. Christ, hate Nietzsche, by all means, and means, read the motherfucker.

  3. In my humble opinion, Nietzsche was trying, maybe a little too hard, to go against everything and everyone.
    The few readings I’ve given him led me to think he felt like he hadn’t had a place in his society, leading him to depression and his self-centered attitude towards humanity.
    I don’t hate nor love the guy, I feel no pity nor repugnance for his person. To me, he was the quiet, smart, weird guy in the class, who discovered his genuine intelligence but never the acceptance of his peers

  4. I’m of the opinion that Nietzche is a genius whose relativism is disturbing and liberating. His opinions about the structure of society are disagreeable for sure, but his metaphysical and moral observations are astute; the Eternal Recurrence alone is awesome. Also, his influence on fiction is astoundingly deep.

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